Randomn3ss is a collaboration of like-minded writers who write and report on a wide variety of topics, including experiences from their personal lives, productivity tips and reactions to local, national and global issues.  Mixed with these serious topics is a sense of humor, introduction to new artists, public awareness and the random rants of frustrated writers going through the growing pains of life.

Spearheaded in January 2007 by Mike Panic, a late 20-something Pennsylvania based network administrator and photographer as a project that would allow him to write rebuttals to other articles he was reading in the blogsphere, it quickly became more than that.  The original concept was that of random thoughts and expressions, it turned out that Mike shares similar thoughts and expressions with several other people who also enjoy writing.  A staff was quickly formed of like-minded writers who have helped grow the blog rather by accident, but this proved to be a pivotal, positive growing point.  The writers range in age, background, beliefs and location, covering the United States from both coasts and continues to grow.

While there is no direct, underlying, common message to Randomn3ss, that is part of what keeps this site fresh, preventing the mold from growing too quickly.  Random events happen to all of us daily, we as writers simply cover them and add our own opinions.