Less than 12 hours from now I will be on the road heading to New Jersey to ride with 7,000 other cyclists for the National MS Society City to Shore Ride 2008. I’ve been training hard racking up nearly 1,000 miles on my road bike and already completing three rides with friends as long as or longer than the 45 miles I’m doing tomorrow morning, so I know riding it won’t be a problem. They are however calling for rain so that will be a fun treat, I picked up a rain jacket but once you are wet, you are wet. I had every intention of finishing this ride in around two hours thirty minutes, but given the weather it will more than likely take at least an hour longer, but I will be doing it, no sitting on the side lines.

I’d like to take a minute and thank everyone who has donated, the list is long, but I really appreciate everyone who has supported me in both training and raising money. With your help, a total of $825 was raised!

When I signed up to do this event, one of the questions was if I wanted to be a Champion rider. What the event does is put you in contact with someone who has MS, they sign an orange bandanna and it gets mailed to you, they ask you wear it on the day of the event to show support for those living with MS. Mine arrived a few days ago from a woman in a neighboring town whom I’ve never met, her name is Barb Smith. Barb, I will be wearing the bandanna you signed tomorrow!


About two weeks ago my race numbers showed up, 4723. Tonight after cleaning and lubing my chain I went ahead and affixed the number to my frame.


Looks good, kind of i the way of my down tube water bottle when in place, and I know you are jealous of my pink saddle bag! And here is the number I have to pin to the back of my jersey,


These last two months or so of training for this event have pushed me physically and emotionally, where I once thought riding five miles to a friend’s house was going to kill me to now completing rides greater than 50 miles. As I originally stated, I didn’t know anyone with MS when I signed up for this event, it turns out that my Mom works with a few people, and several people who donated have friends who suffer from MS. I am proud to help support these new friends and extended friends.

During the last two months I’ve also been able to successfully cross off one more item from my now nearly year old updated list of happiness, loosing weight. I had a short term goal of loosing 10 pounds and a long term goal of loosing 30 total pounds. I’ve actually lost nearly 20 pounds since the end of July, putting me two thirds of the way towards that 30 pound goal, which I should achieve in the next 4-5 weeks if winter doesn’t get in the way of training. I’ve also been sleeping better, eating better and really enjoying riding to work and for errands.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to Matt and Mark who have been training me, even before I knew I was being trained. They’ve put up with my complaining, whining, walking up hills, refusal to ride and overall craptastic attitude during the first few difficult weeks of riding. Without them pushing me and encouraging me, I’m not sure I’d physically be ready for tomorrow’s ride, so thank you!