Friday afternoon I was pretty stoked on a new service that sends a text message to your phone at a time you specify and simply lets you know if you will need an umbrella today.  I confirmed my cell phone number and delivery time, but since there is no account (which I’m a fan of) there is no way to change confirmation times without un-subsribing and then resubscribing, no biggie.  Another concern was the lack of time zones listed, since I selected 8am, did that mean 8am local time to my phone, EST for me, or 8am local time to wherever in cyber space the server that powers this service lives. Four days after subscribing, here are my results.

Saturday, no text message.  FAIL


57 minutes late. FAIL

Monday, 3 hours 14 minutes late.  FAIL

Tuesday, no text message.  FAIL

50% delivery success rate, the two messages that actually did get through to me were late, so overall, this service, to me, is a total failure.  I haven’t un-subscribed yet, I’ll give it another week or three and follow up just to see if things get better or worse.  For now, stick to getting your weather info from the internet, TV or radio though.